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Anna Harrington (she/her) is a Los Angeles, CA based Creative Designer and Multimedia Artist.

Anna started working as a Freelance Designer in 2017 and has since had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of clients from musicians and filmmakers to restaurants and rally car drivers. She currently works as AXS TV's full time Digital & Marketing Graphic Designer. While she is best known for her Graphic Design work, she is also versed in Creative Marketing, Branding, & Social Strategy.

In honor of Black Music Month AXS TV showcased numerous concerts

and documentaries featuring iconic black artists all introduced and hosted by Steve Harvey. Anna and the Creative Team created the graphic material for social, marketing, and promotional assets.

Media & Press: 

Latest Project: Steve Harvey Hosts
Black Music Month on AXS TV

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Weekly Thumbnails

Thumbnails are used for YouTube, Facebook, the AXS TV Website, DTC services, and anywhere else a promotional clip is available to audiences.

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