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AYCE Racing

AYCE Racing was founded in 2020 by Francois Bittar, Kyle Thor, Leo Chor, and Maia Takenaka. Together, they got purchased their project car and started stripping...the car of course. Many long days, sleepless nights, and DIY projects later, the team's baby Subie "AYCE 110" was born. Anna created AYCE Racing's logo, style guide, and identity in 2020 and has been with AYCE as their Social Media Manager, BTS Camera Operator, and Graphic Designer. Below you will find Anna's photography, logo design, car wrap, merchendise, and more created for AYCE.

ayce logo.JPG

The car wrap below was created

to match the AYCE racing Style Guide and overall brand.

The additional logos featured are from AYCE Racing's sponsors including: Skullcandy, Motul, Engine Ice, Pursuit Entertainment, and GoPro.

Logo Design and Branding

Back FINAL Design (Blues).JPG
Font Design (Blue) FINAL.JPG

Pattern Design & Usage

Pattern for AYCE.png

Pattern design to be used on merchandise, car films, accessories, website, etc. This helmet design is an example of pattern usage.

V.2 Helmet Design (Blue Focus) - Anna Mock.png

Fueling the car for the upcoming Rally Race. April 2021

BTS Footage (Photography & Video) for Social & PR Usage

POV: You're watching Francois get the car prepared for the upcoming race while taking in the view of the race track. April 2021

Francois repping the gear shifter and troubleshooting the car's accessories for the upcoming race. April 2021

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