Wahlburgers Social Promotion on AXS TV

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Wahlburgers Social Rollout
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AXS TV's social promotion of Wahlburgers showcases fun digital content, tune in copy, and trivia to draw tune in and increase audience awareness.


Anna's graphics were shared across Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and magazines including Deadline

Anna's graphics were also displayed across the country on the Wahlburger restaurant chain's digital menu screens.


AXS TV acquired all 10 seasons of Wahlburgers, the Emmy-nominated reality series that aired on A&E from 2014-2019. Starring Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg, the show follows the Wahlberg family through their ups, downs, laughs, and smiles.

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Weekly Thumbnails 

Thumbnails are used for YouTube, Facebook, the AXS TV Website, DTC services, and anywhere else a promotional clip is available to audiences.