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Tula Yoga Fitness & Retreats

Client: Owner of Tula Yoga  |   2018 - Current   |   Logo Design, Branding, Promotional Content, Creative Direction

Tula Yoga is a small studio located in Cambria, California. Anna was hired to develop a full scale

re-brand. This involved re-evaluating the brand's values, mission statement, logo, color pallet, typography, creative devices, photography, and more. Anna continues to work with Tula as their content creator for Instagram.

Creative Direction

New photography was required as part of the re-brand to help demonstrate the services and experiences that Tula Yoga offers. Anna helped to direct this amazing shoot alongside the photographer Debbie Markham. 

web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-9392_edited.jpg
web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-4212.jpg
web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-4397.jpg
web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-4363.jpg
web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-4282 copy.jpg
web_Yoga_Beach_Terri Harrington_Custom_Classes-4259.jpg

Brand Development

Below is Anna's full Brand Guide created for Tula Yoga Fitness & Retreats. This in depth guide showcases Anna's Brand Strategy, creative decisions, design specifications, final logo designs, and more. 

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