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(PRDWD) Paso Robles Downtown Wine District

Client: Ted Ross, Board Member of PRDWD  |   2023   |   Logo Design, Color Theory, Typography

Paso Robles Downtown Wine District (PRDWD) is a hospitality organization bringing quality food, wine, and experiences to all. Anna was hired to help them design a new logo that better represents their brand. 

Wine Bottles

General Overview

Below is a display of the final logo icon created by Anna. This includes the logo variations, brand specific photography, and Creative Devices such as the wine bottle, cheese, and grape vector art.

PRDWD Presentation.png
Pouring Red Wine
Pappardelle Primavera
Image by Adele Payman
Copy of PRDWD Presentation copy_edited.jpg

Initial Exploration

Anna created the initial logo icon exploration presentation (below) that covered multiple looks and styles for PRDWD to choose from. It also outlines the Brand Strategy that Anna used when creating the final logos.

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